Your Risk Report 


As a homeowner, it is important that you know your current and future flood risk status. The PA Flood Risk Tool was created to aid in your research and help you make informed decisions about flood risk. The Risk Report includes important information on your flood risk.  Once you have located your property, you can use the PA Flood Risk Tool to create a report.

This information is divided into three sections--Flood Information, Location, and Download.

Flood Information: Zone, Flood Depth, Community Rating System Class, and Stream Name.

Location: Parcel Number (where available), HUC8, Elevation (feet), County, and Municipality.

Download: A link to download your Risk Summary Report in PDF format and a link to download your DFIRM Panel, also in PDF format.


DISCLAIMER: The user of this information should always consult official FEMA flood maps and certified elevation data if there is any doubt of a property's flood risk. Please consult with your local, county, and/or community floodplain administrator for availability of official DFIRMs in your county. These maps are available online at . Use constitutes acceptance of disclaimer terms.